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I skipped blogging yesterday. Wednesday was the third frenetic day in a row for me so I took yesterday off as much as possible. I almost have all the information I need for Mom’s medicaid app. Her annuity provider (Mass Mutual) is mailing me the doc I need for it. When that arrives I will take what I have back to Laurie at Resthaven and work on the app. After that all we have to do is spend down Mom’s remaining assets to qualify for Medicaid.

Mom has seemed more comfortable the last few times Eileen and I visited her. She is due for a competence eval today. I’d be surprised if they deemed her mentally competent at this stage. I’m pretty sure she is still in there, but she communicates in very brief sentences and mostly wants to sleep.

Eileen was working at Mom’s room yesterday when she noticed that a truck from Bibles for Mexico was sitting outside the building. She ran out and talked to them. They came in and took away a lot of stuff. As Eileen says, “a good chunk of” of what we needed to get out. This was very helpful and satisfying.

I had a good trio rehearsal yesterday. Again with the Bach B minor violin sonata. These are essentially trios between the violin, the cello/harpsichord left hand (same line), and the harpsichord right hand. The introduction to this edition points out that Bach didn’t write that much in trio texture. I hadn’t thought of that, but I guess it’s true. The violin sonatas, three of the flute sonatas, the organ trios, three of the gamba sonatas. Interestingly, I have played most if not all of these. I am drawn to three part texture.

In the afternoon, I played and thought about Rameau. I read through music that I have known for decades and some of a suite I had not played before. The suite turned out to be pretty amazing. I found this recording of it. This player plays very well and captures the spirit of it.

I couldn’t remember if I studied any Rameau with Ray Ferguson who taught me harpsichord as well as organ.

Today Eileen and I are quite the social butterflies. We are meeting Thom and Judy Gowens for lunch. Judy was my daughter Sarah’s first grade teacher. Thom is an organist. We haven’t seen them for years. They are driving up from Chicago today on their way to Muskegon for a gig for Thom. It will be interesting to catch up with them.

Then for dinner, we are meeting my friend Rhonda and her husband for a pre concert meal together. The concert we are attending is a a Great Performance Series concert by Dr. Lonnie Johnson. I hope he does some tunes like this one:

The Annotated Book of Common Prayer: Being an Historical, Ritual, and … – Google Books

I hesitated to attribute the text of Richard Farrant’s anthem we are singing, “Hide not thy face from us, O Lord.” There is no attribution in the music. I was horrified when Charles Huttar showed me that he had changed what I had put in the bulletin for that Sunday and indicated it was from the Third Anthem for Good Friday from a prayer book.

When I asked him how he knew that, he said that is what I had said. I told him that I had found something online but couldn’t verify it. I later sent him the link above and he investigated and discovered that it was not for Good Friday, but for Maundy Thursday. Too late to correct the bulletin since Mary the office administrator is going to be out for town for a week and printed up all the bulletins of Lent before she left.
No harm done. Charles sent me a lengthy email that I plan to print up and put in the file for this anthem.
Somehow I have landed on Hillsdale’s mailing list. They are a conservative college in Michigan. I skimmed their recent mag, Impris, which arrives in my mail. Here’s a link if you want to see for yourself. It’s mainly an article called “The Politicization of the FBI” by Joseph E. diGenova. I think it represents right wing double think.

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