Sunday morning musings


I am fascinated that so many people try so hard to hide themselves from each other. At least it seems like they are trying to do this, but maybe it’s just all they can do to get up each morning and quietly try to survive another day not really aware of themselves that much.

I think of myself as someone who comes from the south. I make friends way too easy. I try not to hide myself and say what I am thinking and feeling as exactly as possible. Us lapsed southerners often seem to “wear our heart on our sleeve.”

I have been thinking of the many people I have known over the years with whom I no longer have contact. I think this might be a big part of life, simply moving on and ceasing to reach out to people. For those of us stuck with our heart on our sleeve, this can feel a bit like rejection or shunning. Of course when people die, the door slams shut a bit harder.

Yesterday Eileen and I both were pretty exhausted. I managed to do bills and then drag myself to the grocery store. I was glad I didn’t have to play the wedding at my church.

For some reason Beethoven was on the piano rack yesterday. I played through a couple of his piano sonatas and Liszt’s transcription of the first movement of the first symphony.

On the flight home, I began reading John Irving’s Prayer for Owen Meany. I continued reading in it yesterday. It’s easy reading for a tired brain.

This morning I got up and finished reading History of Knowledge by Charles Van Doren. I read my usual poetry plus a few pages of the beginning of Finnegans Wake.

I would have to say that life is good as usual.

1. Will D. Campbell, 88, Maverick Minister in Civil Rights Era –

Funny how the outcasts and renegades of the past are sometimes seen as heroes and prophets after they die.

2.Harriet Tubman’s Great Raid –

Excellent outline of the history of Tubman and a raid on the south to entice slaves to become soldiers. I especially like that she was singing as they went into the raid. Also that it bugged her when a white officer asked her to “sing to your people.”

3.New York Times Editorials on Obama Administration Secrecy –

An article with links to news stories and editorials documenting this administrations sinking into secrecy.

4. Making a Mountain Out of a Digital Molehill –

This academic is out to lunch as far as I’m concerned.

5. For Homebound Students, a Robot Proxy in the Classroom –


I think this is a cool use of tech.

6.Civil Disobedience on a Turkish Game Show –



Courage on TV in Turkey.

7. It’s extremist Muslims, not Islamic extremism – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

America keeps getting this wrong.

8. Of Slippery Slopes –

I’m with this author. It’s no surprise that the government is totally spying on everyone. When the president says “nobody is listening to your phone calls,” it’s hard not think that somebody is listening to your phone calls.


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