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I snapped a picture of this vaguely sinister poster at the airport last night. We were getting home from our annual California pilgrimage to see the Jenkins out there.

The trip home was a bit easier than the trip out there. The former had two stopovers and ended with a long drive through urban California rush hour.  Yesterday we only had one stop over and the whole trip was considerably shorter thereby.


Edison was glad to see us. And we were glad to see him and to be home.


I have farmed out the wedding scheduled at my church for today. Thank you to Rhonda for stepping in and taking care of it. I am relieved not to have to do that today.

Eileen and I will probably take it pretty easy today. She is still asleep. It’s around 9 AM local time. I would like to hit the farmers market today. And the grocery store. Check on Mom.  Exercise. But we won’t do much today, that is for sure.

1. BBC News – Tiny Chinese Archicebus fossil is oldest primate yet found

I love shit like this.

2. Why 1998 Was the Best Year in Music for Millennials: Jay-Z, Britney Spears, More – The Daily Beast

Since Neutral Milk Hotel made the list I thought I would check out the rest. But Britney Spears? Weird.

3. PBS Segment On Economic Impact Of Immigration Reform Fails Viewers | Blog | Media Matters for America

Public radio and TV seems to be trailing after the weird American take on life these days (far right of center? on the moon?)

4. A Trip Down Memory Lane: People Warned What Would Happen When Congress Passed Bills To Enable Vast Spying | Techdirt

Just like the Iraq war, people do perceive accurately what’s ahead. They’re just drowned out in the clamor of crazies.

5. Mary Meeker’s misinformation has influence – SFGate

Weird fact free observations about frequency of cell phone usage.




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