Sunday at Jupe’s house

Another tune I love.

Eileen and I went out to eat again today after church. I’m hoping that eventually we can skip the church on Sunday and just go out to eat. The Killing Hills (9780802158413): Offutt, Chris: Books

I finished The Killing Hills by Offutt a few days ago. I’m afraid I can’t recommend this one. The writing is competent. But the story is pretty pedestrian. It does read like a TV series.

The Death-Ray: Clowes, Daniel: 9781770460515: Books

Our local library has a good selection of Graphic Novels. I like to just grab a handful and bring them home to read.  I’m pretty sure I have read Daniel Clowes The Death-Ray before. But It bears rereading. It’s a bit dark, but I liked it.

The Death-Ray | Drawn & Quarterly

Stumbled on to a full video of “Gore Vidal: The United States of Anxiety” on YouTube this morning. I do love Vidal. It makes me want to go back and read some of his stuff.

Last Sunday, Eileen and I waited for 45 minutes for a table at The Biscuit, had a nice lunch, then went to Meijer to grocery shop. Today, we opted for The Curragh. It was a beautiful day to eat outside. No grocery shopping today even though I still find myself with more energy than usual on Sunday morning.

My daily regimen of 25 sit-ups used to be a “near-death” experience for me. But for the last few days, this has not been the case. I feel like I could do more of them, But I have not added more and probably won’t.

On Saturday I had conversations with my daughter-in-law, Cynthia, in California and daughter, Sarah in the U.K. Cynthia called me and we had a pleasant chat. Eileen and I were scheduled for our weekly video chat with Sarah but Eileen was off gallivanting having lunch with her sisters and friends so Sarah was stuck with chatting with me. I think we both enjoyed it.

Is the pushback against ‘critical race theory’ rooted in misconceptions?

This is little article from our local paper, The Holland Sentinel, has some surprisingly good stuff in it. Holland Public Schools Director of Equity and Inclusion Taran McZee is especially clear. However, Alford Young Jr. is the chair of the sociology department at the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science and Arts talks like an academic, in other words, doesn’t express himself very well.

Female gymnasts use music while men gymnasts don’t — and the reason dates back a century – CNN

When women were first allowed to participate they apparently used live music (a pianist). Wow, who knew?

I’m listening to this right now. It definitely sounds better on my Bose speaker than the computer’s speakers.

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