Sunday afternoon


I’m blogging on Sunday afternoon which is unusual. Usually I do this in the morning before work on Sundays.

Church went well today. My group (Eileen, Sarah and Matthew) toyed with attending but had an attack of sanity and decided not to. I played well, but screwed up one line in the psalm (Anglican chant). I usually go through the psalm in its entirety four times before a service and that seems to do the trick. This morning I only did it two time out of laziness. Not sure if that’s why I screwed up or not. There aren’t any real guarantees that I’ve found for consistent air tight performances other than in depth preparation. Sometimes I don’t have the time and/or energy. You can bet your bippy I will run through it at least four times in the future if I am able.

It’s fun having Matthew around to talk about music with. He has transferred his artistic sensibilities into recording. He is preparing to return to this work that he did when he was a bit younger.


I’ve undergone a bit of change in my attitude toward current pop music. I was losing interest and not finding or noticing top ten type tunes that I liked. This began to change with listening to Walk off the Earth.

I like this group a lot. And I’m finding that several of the tunes they do that I like are arrangements (covers) of other current musicians.


Matthew seemed to know many of the originals. I asked him how he ran across them and he told me that the Brit cable service Skye has several music channels and he sometimes finds them there.

After giving this a little thought, I realized that I had access to current lists of tunes on Spotify. Yesterday when I exercised I made a playlist which consisted exclusively of recordings from Spotify’s top current songs both in the USA and Globally (it’s two lists).

I was surprised that the music wasn’t all banal. How about that?

Microbeads, the Tiny Orbs Threatening Our Water – The New York Times

I put this link up on Facebooger as well. I would like to figure out if my and Eileen’s toothpaste has ingredients that will make Microbeads…. Googling was a bit confusing so far.

Trans Deaths, White Privilege – The New York Times

This is a dramatic article that alternates describing what the author was doing when other Trans people were being murdered.

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