Sarah and Matthew had a bad evening on Saturday night. My neighbors were making noise. So on Sunday afternoon, in order to be quiet while they were resting, I hooked up my electric piano so I could use it. It has been sitting on the porch unhooked up. I was surprised how pleasant the porch environment was.



It was even better after I opened the curtains.


Matthew seems very interested in (“keen on” as the Brits say) my music and also learning about music. I thought I might play my piano transcription of the second movement of my marimba/organ piece for him and other family members some time. This is why I was practicing yesterday on the porch. I don’t find it that easy to play and am actually still learning it.

While Eileen and Sarah were off getting the car seat safely installed by the fire department, Matthew and I began a conversation about musical chords. I love to talk about music theory and it was fun to teach him a few things. My idea is to get him started and then he can teach himself more if he wants.

I need to get some work done today. Also, yesterday afternoon I had a filling fall out so I have an appointment today to have one put back in. I want to practice organ at church a bit. I’m hoping I can get enough done that I won’t have to take time away from the group very much once Elizabeth, Jeremy and Alex arrive.

I also brought my Jazz mass home to show Matthew since he wanted to know if I used any “rock music” at church. Although I call it a Jazz Mass it’s really a name of convenience and is more poppy than jazzy.

I did walk over and talk to the neighbors about the noise. I spoke to the single dad who is renting the place with several other teens. He was surprised. He was off the premises Saturday night (visiting his fiancee) and was very interested to learn about this. I told him that after tomorrow we would also have a baby sleeping very close by. He was very cordial. I’m hoping that will make a difference.

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