Sunday afternoon


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So it’s a damp, overcast Sunday afternoon in Holland, Michigan. Church went well this morning. The biggest challenge for me was the psalm. We did an Anglican chant that we hadn’t done before by C. V. Stanford. I skipped some organ practice this week. I remembered that my prelude and postlude for this Sunday were not too challenging. But I forgot about that dang psalm until yesterday. So I practiced in the morning, the evening and again this morning on the piano. I breathed a sigh of relief after we did it this morning that I managed to do it okay.

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The choir sounded great. The congregation was small and didn’t really do much singing. I adjusted the organ and played louder than I have been playing. I also accompanied in a bit of a vigorous manner our first communion hymn, “Jesus in the Morning.”

After I finished the postlude, there was applause and I turned around to see a good number of people standing and looking like they had listened to it. That was nice.

Mozart: Gran Partita CD review – a virtuosic live recording | Music | The Guardian

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I love the interwebs. This album is on Spotify. I have a fondness for this music AND I prefer live recordings.

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