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Yesterday I took advantage of having little to do during the day and planned the rest of the choral season at church. I’ve never done that before during Holy Week, but it seemed like the thing to do. I also chose music for next Sunday and emailed it off to the office. Next week I am planning to play an Offertory by Dandrieu on “O Sons and Daughters.”



It never fails to amaze me that stuff like this is sitting online for free use. I could only find 5 of the 9 pages in my library at first, so I printed up new copies of this piece.

I also rewrote a descant for last night. My printer is low on ink at home, so I wrote it out by hand at church. My sopranos didn’t quite pull it off, even though i spent quite a bit of time teaching it to them. As we worked on it before the vigil I found several errors in it. Damn.  We corrected them but ran out of rehearsal time.

I found myself with a bit more energy at the end of the evening for the postlude. It mostly went very well, much clearer and cleaner than I usually play the famous Widor Toccata. Of course it sounds like shit on my little instrument, but what the heck.

One more service today, then off to the Hatch Easter Egg hunt. I made excellent marinara sauce yesterday, bought some good bread and am planning to use it as a dipping sauce with the bread. That should be good.

Almost done with the marathon. Tomorrow I have classes as usual, then I will rest.

Review: ‘Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit’ –

Eileen has been talking about going and seeing this exhibition in Detroit. i think that would be an excellent idea.

Retired Japanese Fighter Pilot Sees an Old Danger on the Horizon –

So many soldiers talk about the horror of war. This man is doing what he can for peace.

The Last Man to Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Still Regrets It –

One man’s on top of the world right now, the other scraping together money to live.

Transgender Inmate’s Hormone Treatment Lawsuit Gets Justice Dept. Backing – 

I guess that’s why they call it the JUSTICE department.

China Law Translate | 立法法 (2015年修改版)

This website is the work of one man, my son-in-law, Jeremy Daum. This is a link to a translation of important legislation that passed recently.

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