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Today I need to rest up a bit and do some tasks. Eileen is gone for the day. She went to Whitehall to do her Mom’s hair and help prep for the annual Hatch Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow.

I was very tired for last night’s service. I am thinking of skipping the treadmill today in order to have energy for this evening. The service begins at 9 PM since that’s around the time of sunset. It will make a long night for Jupe. At the end of both of the remaining services (tonight and tomorrow)  I am performing the Widor Toccata as the postlude. This is a piece I know well and have been meticulously preparing. But I can’t anticipate how much energy I will have when it comes time to do it. Usually it’s fine even if I’m tired.

Attendance was very low at the Good Friday service. Ten people in the choir, about twenty in the congregation. Despite this, everything went well. I didn’t drop the organ accompaniment out as I like to because of the sparse numbers.

I managed to sleep in this morning until 8 AM. That is much later than I can usually get myself to lay in bed. I should be able to ease myself through this day without too much stress.

Rev. Robert Schuller, 88, Dies; Built an Empire Preaching Self-Belief – NYT

I knew Schuller attended Hope College, but learned that he also matriculated from the adjoining Western Theological Seminary. His obit makes him sound so much saner than he seemed on TV.

A Transgender Bangladeshi Changes Perceptions After Catching Murder Suspects

I wasn’t aware of the “third sex” in this culture. Interesting story.

Photos: Jumping Japanese businessmen show their daughters how to defy stereotypes

“The neologism “solarymen” combines Japanese word sora (sky) with “salarymen.”

Self-Portrait Of The Artist As Ungrateful Black Writer

Saeed Jones knocks it out of the park with  this excellently written essay.

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