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Not everybody goes for Banksy:

“… [A]ny lingering illusion anyone has that Banksy’s street art represents some radical alternative to the world of Damien Hirst (who of course buys his work) and the
Chapman brothers must surely be washed away now, like unwanted graffiti, in the light of the case of the Bristol council contractors who have painted over one of his works.”

Why All the Fuss Over Banksy” Jonathon Jones, Guardian Unlimited, May 13, 2007
“Banksy’s black and white daubing is an art form in its own right, and although it falls under the umbrella of street art, it is actually a closer relative of stickering, fly posting and billboard advertising than of graffiti-writing.”
Street Signs by Edward Hammond, Guardian July 15, 2006

Mickey News points out that “American animator Walt Disney is the most respected artist among 18-25 year olds, beating the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, a survey suggests.

Comedian Peter Kay took second place in the poll, which asked young people to name the artists who most inspired them in film, music, dance, TV and art.

Jane Austen was the only author in the top 10, which also included Will Smith, Bob Dylan and guerilla artist Banksy.”

I still say, thank God for Banksy.

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