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Rebecca Hostings, (the UK film maker not the US song writer) has made a film about trash: “Hawai’i: Message in the Waves.”

She says “I hope people realize that this film isn’t just about Hawai‘i, it is about everywhere. Iokepa’s message is simple – our planet is like an island. It has a limited amount of resources to support life. An expanding human population living with little regard for the future is stretching those resources to breaking point. To be an environmental thinker is to be a humanist. If we want our species to continue then we have to look after the environment, otherwise it’s all of us who will be paying the price. But when Iokepa says it, it sounds a lot better.”

Not sure why Hosking is the “filmmaker.” If I have the right film, it’s actually directed by Tim Green. But maybe Hoskings in the brains…

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