staying busy

So we continue to be very busy especially for retired old folks. But we are definitely getting shit done. As I write this Anthony the handyman is fixing our upstairs door. The Sharp Corporation said our project not only wasn’t covered under warranty, but didn’t make their minimum of a $1200 project. Anthony discovered that the door and shingles were not even nailed in properly. Surely the guy from Sharp Corporation noticed this. Anthony only came by to check it out and could clearly see how to repair it so he’s nailing back together.

Yesterday, we filled the new bookshelf in the living room. Today we moved the empty shelves into my study. This is a lot of work for a bum, but fortunately Eileen has the Energizer Bunny gene from her Mom.

The current situation in the living room.
More shelves for the study! Now to get to work on organizing.

Elizabeth and Jeremy lost power due to the winds last night. We offered to let them come here. They thought about it but I don’t think that’s going to happen now.

I am so pleased to get more shelves. Anthony has finished fixing the storm door. He doesn’t live far from here so we have made a discovery in him!

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