busy little bees

Eileen and I have busy little bees today. Before Eileen got up I moved the lighter electric keyboard to my study.

I’ve been watching these beautiful milk weeds for weeks. This morning I could not resist taking some pictures.

Then after breakfast, we decided to go get my marimba from the church.

The big box in the center is the bookshelf Eileen bought that we haven’t brought in the house yet.

While we were there I met Stephen Rumler the new music guy for Grace. I also chatted briefly with the rest of the staff. Jen and Jim are planning to move the harpsichord home early next week. Woo hoo!

Then we came home and put stuff in the upstairs music room.

We rested for a little bit then decided to unpack the new book shelf and bring in the parts.

Eileen seems to be beginning to assemble this thing. I’m a bit pooped myself but we’ll see how far she gets.

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