staying alive

I had a badly-needed good night’s sleep last night.  Yesterday my brother kept me company for part of the day and bought me lunch. That was good, too. Later he left for Detroit. He is facing his first week of his new priest job which incredibly begins this Palm Sunday.

Before he left, the manager of Resthaven Maplewoods called with the results of the assessment for Mom for acceptance into their facility on Monday. If I understood correctly, they think Mom would be good for independent living there but don’t currently have a bed on that floor. They would like to put her in a room on the supportive living wing, but have her take her meals with the rest of the independent living residents.

The only possible glitch is that Resthaven Maplewoods has had several recent cases of flu. If they have any new cases between now and Monday they will not be (legally?) able to receiving an incoming resident on Monday. But we shall see.


Later in the afternoon, I  cleverly opened multiple windows on my little netbook to research Bach cantata movements for possible use this summer. Interestingly it is easier to use mutliple windows than mutliple reference books.  I am thinking of choosing 3 or 4 movements and then inviting skilled musicians at my church to learn and perform them at specific Sunday Eucharists this summer. This accomplishes several things.

It invites people in the unusually large skilled talent pool at my church to enhance the prayer of their community with their skills. It salves parishioners who suspect I am not utilizing their skills sufficiently in the music program.

And last but not least, it classes up the act a bit in our Eucharists. 

Unfortunately a close examination of specific Bach cantatas recommended for certain Sundays reveals the fact that the texts Bach used in his cantatas was often kind of hokey and even a bit ambiguous. For example, Bach’s librettists personify the “Heart” (alto) in dialogue with “Jesus” (bass)

or “Fear” (sop) discussing life’s little trials with “Hope” (obama). 

That last one wasn’t quite exactly accurate. Just checking to see if you’re reading closely. Heh.

So anyway due to a good night’s sleep I am feeling a bit more prepared for life’s little trials today.

Also a bit of the “grateful to be alive” stuff and “aint it great to sit down and play Beethoven on the piano who cares if we don’t have enough money” stuff. Life is good.

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