soon to be AWOL in NY

Yesterday I got up early and read in choral conducting technique books as I treadmilled preparing for my day at church. Having one-stop-shopping (choir rehearsal then service then rehearsal—all on Sunday morning) seems to be working. It has brought two new members and seems to be a time that most of the choristers can make.

It requires me to take a deep breath and plunge in for the day.

I also meet with instrumentalists for last-minute rehearsal of music (hymns) I have asked them to learn.

Yesterday I performed  a prelude and postlude by Krebs (mentioned in previous posts), so that was also on my mind.

Somehow all of this seems to push me farther away from feeling connected to this job. Not sure how it’s all working in my head, but I mentioned it to the boss in our meeting last Thursday. It’s probably just a mild case of burn out or old age.

Eileen and I get on a plane in Grand Rapids on Thursday to fly to New York to visit with daughter Eliz and quasi-son-in-law Jeremy.

I am hoping I can relax during this time and gain a tad more perspective.

Yesterday while I was slaving away at church, Eileen and Sarah went to the Frederick Meijers Garden Sculpture Park.

They got back in the late afternoon.

My Mom has invited Sarah to lunch today. I have a ton of work to do in preparation for being AWOL for a few days… ¬†compose and submit information for the next two Sunday bulletins.

This evening I have one of two rehearsals this week with the Grand Haven High School pit orchestra. They are learning “Olkahoma.”

I have been escaping into James Joyce’s Ulysses. Yesterday I broke out a hard copy (I have been reading it on my netbook).

Upward! Onward! soon to be AWOL!

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