short blog on my last day of classes this semester


I had a restful day yesterday. Today is my last day of classes so it will be the last long Wednesday for a while. I decided yesterday to perform Bach’s great chorale prelude on “Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland” for a prelude a week from this Sunday.

There is something about chorale preludes like this that attracts me deeply. I enjoy playing them. I’m going to pair it up with a flashy little piece by Pachelbel on the same tune for the postlude.

My present community doesn’t sing this hymn as much as some of my past ones, but no matter. It’s great music.

I need to get going and prep the psalm so I can work on it between classes this morning.

An Art Form Rises: Audio Without the Book –

Not sure what I think about this. I sometimes find the dramatizations a bit annoying. But I’m probably spoiled by the quality of books I tend to read.

A Missouri Thanksgiving | The Academic Angle

I was very surprised when the provost of Hope college wrote this blog post about Ferguson. I experience Hope as fixed in the arrogant theology of Calvinism, that is the idea that God has preordained sinners and elect (look it up if you don’t believe me). This colors their approach to contemporary American living and seeps into the way they group people into us and them.

This blog draws on Bejanmin Watson’s Facebook post about Ferguson which apparently has gone viral. The moderate conservative, David Brooks, also quoted this blog in his NYT column yesterday.

Though I do approve of this stuff, I cynically remarked to Eileen yesterday, “What could be better? A white guy talks about Thanskgivings from years past complete with B & W pics, then quotes a black sports start who is a Christian. it’s all very palatable for white people.”

What America’s police departments don’t want you to know – The Washington Post

Once again suppression of data helps  pull the wool over our eyes.

Chief Justice Samples Eminem in Online Threats Case –

So the Chief Justice listens to Eminem. That makes sense.

Lessons From an Ancient Time When Recyclers Walked the Earth –

Ancient antecedents of common sense.


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