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Tuesdays the New York Times publishes a Science section. Here are some links from this Tuesday I thought were interesting.

Avi Loeb Ponders the Early Universe, Nature and Life –

Interview with a fascinating scientist including his ideas on how to spot extraterrestrial life (look for smog).

A Robot Exhibit at MoMath Aims to Bring Math to Life –

Crazy robots under your feet.

Snowflake Symmetry –

Answers the question how one arm of a snowflake buy valium 5 mg online knows how to grow like the others (answer: they are all responding to similar environmental changes).

A Vulture’s Gut Is Simple but Seems Effective –

And also mysterious.

The Ants of Manhattan –

When Everyday Noise Is Unbearable –

Hoping for a Good Death –

It turns out that even people who specialize in helping with death can easily screw up.

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