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In between classes yesterday, I decided to perform two Schubert piano sonata movements for Sunday’s prelude and postlude.

For the prelude, I decided to perform this lovely movement. It is one I quite like and have been playing on and off for my own enjoyment for years.

Then I decided it might be nice to play a quick Schubert movement on piano for postlude. Postludes are listened to very much by my congregation. A few people seem to be sitting around and listening. It’s hard for me to tell, because I’m deliberately trying to concentrate on just my playing while the chaos of 200 people leisurely chatting and leaving a room ensues.

This guy plays it faster than I do. I put both of these movements up yesterday. I discovered that the YouTube version of the fast one would not allow embedding. So I just deleted it. I will put this one up instead.

I just tried and it doesn’t seem to want to embed this morning either. Screw it.


My daughter Elizabeth linked me in to this video. I’m very proud of it and her! She’s the good looking narrator.

Scenes from an occupation (OWS) « Not Your Sweetie

This is a blog post of hers with pics.


Point Hope, Alaska, Is Split by Oil-Drilling Plan –

This article has some interesting interviews with people living in Alaska.

With the Obama administration having lifted a moratorium on offshore drilling in the Arctic and elsewhere, Shell Oil has received preliminary permits to drill exploratory wells off the coast of Alaska as soon as next summer.


Tunisia Liberals See a Vote for Change, Not Just for Islamists –

Thoughts on the first election resulting from the 2011 Arab Spring.


Ben Jonson | Ian Donaldson | Review by The Spectator

New book on Jonson. I admire his work (Jonson’s).


E. O. Wilson’s Theory of Everything – Magazine – The Atlantic

I’m also a fan of Wilson’s.


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