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School is finally over for me.  I will miss working with the teacher, Amanda Smith-Heynen. She has decided to stop driving from Grand Rapids and teach at Hope several days a week. A bit part of this decision is that Hope pays her poorly and will not make her official faculty because she doesn’t have a degree, only professional experience. I think she is brilliant and Hope is making an obvious mistake.  The dance department would have rectified this if the college would allow it, I am sure.

Amanda and I mutually decided that we didn’t have mixed feelings at our last class. We were both relieved and exhausted. She has asked me a couple times about continuing our professional work together. Yesterday she even said that we might collaborate on a dance piece, she, choreographing, me, composing. I always make positive sounds. I told her I would like to work with her again.

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It would surprise me if she contacted me again.


Earlier in the day, I attempted to relax after dropping off the Mini for Eileen at work. I walked to the coffee shop, ordered a latte, sat down and starting putzing with Spotify on my netbook. I wanted to see if I could use headphones and the netbook to access Spotify on my vacation.

As I was doing this, Google calender warned me that I had a Grace church staff meeting in five minutes.

I called to confirm.

Alas, it was true.

The secretary graciously offered to come and pick me up, since I was downtown on foot. She did so.

After staff, I was at church so I rehearsed organ for the second time that day having zipped in earlier before the 9:30 AM Eucharist for about 45 minutes. I had left the music I was working on at home.  This included a Dan Locklair piece I was goofing off with. So I played Bach for about an hour. I worked on the Eb trio, the D Major prelude and fugue, and a C major Prelude and Fugue. Fine music.

I had told Eileen that I didn’t need to go celebrate college duties ending, but by the end of the day I had changed my mind and we had a nice dinner together at the pub. Whew. I’m still running on inertia and look forward to slowing down over the next few days.


An old friend of mine has started a blog. He told me he tries to write on it every few days. I didn’t mention that I have been blogging pretty much daily since before the word was coined. In his latest post, he asks his daughter the almost lawyer to predict how the Supreme Court will rule on health care. She thinks they will strike it down and explains why.


Philippine Court Says Aquino Estate Must Be Split Among 6,000 –

This is amazing. A just redistribution of wealth to the exploited. Hey it could happen. Just not in America.


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What can I say? Glass has written 23 Operas? Good Grief. #24 coming up.


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It never fails. It makes me crazy when the government protects businesses at the expense of the public.


475 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns & More | Open Culture

Open Culture is a very cool site sharing bunchs of free access.


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