I get high blood pressure when you call my name

Even though my vacation looms, my blood pressure seems to be up. Dang. I think it possibly could be related to my visit to the ear doctor this morning.  I am not looking forward to putting numbers on my obvious loss of hearing.  Or hearing a doctor tell me I have hurt my ear drums by using swabs to clean them. Bah.

Yesterday I had a pleasant lunch with my boss. We reviewed Holy Week and talked about how we want to now consider making it even more interesting, creative and reflective of the community. She is a pleasure to work with.

Then I trolleyed off to my Mom’s and managed to get her internet connection working. She wasn’t in her room when I arrived. She came by later saying she had attended a “coffee klatch.”  By the time I had her new modem hooked up and working, she was exhausted and lay on the bed with her face to the wall. She is worried she won’t remember how to use the internet. I told her I more concerned that she won’t be motivated. But yesterday she was talking about trying to play games once again. But she was too tired to mess with it by the time I was done.

I found a good metronome site yesterday – http://www.bestmetronome.com,

better than the one I usually use: http://www.metronomeonline.com/.

I say better because it allows one to set the beat at any number. Ironically I used it to practice my Debussy at eighth note = 120 which both sites do just fine.

Metronome animated gif

I have noticed inaccuracies creeping in to my “Danse” by Debussy. I know I can basically play it, but I’m trying to “nail it” for Sunday’s prelude. Hence the disciplined practice.

For the postlude I’m playing “Voluntary in A major” by Maurice Greene (Link to PDF of piece). Greene is also the composer of the choral anthem for the day based on Psalm 23…. it being Good Shepherd Sunday.

I’m still feeling burn out and stress. After a period of stress I find that I often feel more tired and stressed when I first start to wind down.

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