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Just returned from playing a wedding at my church and find myself pretty exhausted. This wedding was charming as most are. The couple have been fighting for the groom to receive a visa to come to the U.S.A for quite a long time. He was living in Jamaica but apparently had lived in the U.K. for six years at some point and this made U.S. visa people nervous or something. 

Anyway, they asked me to play piano for a half hour before hand so I did it. I tend to play Mozart and Bach for something like that. Happy happy. Or in Mozart’s case, joie de vivre. But for some reason they actually started about twenty minutes late. When it became close to time for them to begin I swtiched to improvising on hymns…. mostly African American things. I didn’t realize I would be doing so for twenty five minutes. But no harm done. It just felt weird to go back to the more formal classical pieces after “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” and such. Toward the end I just went into free form improv. No biggie.

Earlier I took my Mom to the grocery store. Then home to her apartment.  I usually do her bills on grocery day. I was going through her mail and discovered a statement from a Bank asking for more information in order to process her IRAs. I thought it was a mistake. I called and sure enoug she has two IRAs out there that I thought we had already cashed out.

This is bad because we didn’t report these as assets when we filed with Medicaid. Oops. I figured out that my banker probably neglected to do something he told me he was going to do  (like apply for transer of assets from this bank). I will have to talk to him and the lawyer next week. Oy.

I think this may have contributed to my post wedding fatigue, eh?

Plus I just don’t have the energy I used to have. Something about being 57 years old. 

I picked Dennett’s Consciousness Explained and started reading in it again recently.

The idea that consciouness can be explained solely by what is happening in the brain really appeals to me for some reason. I like being a robot, I guess. Dennett writes in a very readable and interesting style. 

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