ok things are looking up

Got up this morning. The sun is shining and lighting up my kitchen. Hooked up my record player (with Jeremy’s speakers…. thank you again for letting me use them!) and am currently blasting Randy Newman’s Born Again Album. Boy I never thought I’d nostalgically enjoy the crackle of an old record. Surface noise used to make me crazy. Now when I hear it, it holds a little pocket of memory that I like to visit from time to time.

Met with Jonathon yesterday, then my boss, Jen. These two people both help keep me mentally healthy. Neither one takes me too seriously but they both are strong people who take me just seriously enough. 

Jonathon and I took pictures.


From Feb 5 2009

Jonathon has agreed to play on my March 13th Lemonjellos gig. I was supposed to get promo pics to Matt this week…. so that’s why we took pics. This is my favorite:

I’m hoping I can get my bud, Jordan VanHemert, to come and play sax with us. 

I began really thinking about this gig yesterday for the first time. Am seriously thinking about some covers as well as originals for this gig. I have been practicing Newman’s “It’s Money that I love” and “I just wnat you to hurt like I do.” Both fine fine tunes. This morning, I thought about learning “Mister Sheep” and “They Just Got Married.” I do like Newman.

Also considering Messiaen’s “Gaze of the Star” from 20 Gazes on the Infant Jesus. I also think it would fun to learn a few of Zappa’s themes from Lumpy Gravy. I like this album quite a bit.

But we’ll see.

In the meantime the sun is shining in Wester Michigan. Life is getting back to being good.

Woo hoo! I just heard from the band director in Grand Haven and the High School Musical Rehearsals (at which I assist) begin next week. Cool! This year’s show is “Guys and Dolls.”

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