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The internet seems to be working here at the cabin. The water heater, not so much. last night Eileen took a shower and said that the temp was pleasant since it was so hot but that she didn’t think the water heater was turned on. I went in the back and turned up the heat. This morning I took a shower and the water was lukewarm. I went in the back and attempted to light the pilot which seemed to be out. I could get something lit but it wouldn’t stay on. After Eileen got up and we failed to mutually problem solve it together, she called her brother who said to call the service repairman who has made a few trips out here lately but not quite fixed the hot water heater. So that’s what Eileen did.

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My new glasses helped with the drive up. We brought two cars so both of us had to drive. My phone went a little nuts and took us through a lot of back roads but we finally made it. After gassing up at Grayling, Eileen went on to the cabin and I went to the liquor store to purchase a martini shaker (having forgotten mine).

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I have been setting aside my glasses for reading, music reading and computer work. Otherwise I get a crick in my neck when playing music from tilting my head. My niece, Cindy, said in a recent comment here that she has three tiered glasses (!) and that she eventually adjusted by using her eyes to look through the needed part of the glass. Wow!


So, we are at the cabin. Hopefully, I can get some rest and relaxation here in the next few days.

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Peter Berger, Theologian Who Fought ‘God Is Dead’ Movement, Dies at 88 – The New York Times

I have read some of this guy’s work. I don’t think I actually realized he was a theologian. His concept of the “Social construction of reality” is one that has been helpful to me.

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