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Today we leave for Grayling. But first we have to stop off in Whitehall which is not exactly on the way. Nancy needs us to pick up some stuff at Eileen’s Mom’s house to take to the cabin. This makes me a little crazy. But Eileen wants to do it so we will.

I have already done a load of laundry, dishes, and spent time on the bench at church practicing the music I chose for July ¬†9. We are singing “I heard the voice of Jesus say” on that Sunday to the Tallis tune. Robert Lind has composed a series of voluntaries on the Vaughan Williams tunes and includes one on this one. I had thought that I would choose organ music without pedals for this Sunday so that I could practice the pieces on vacation. However, I was so charmed with Lind’s setting that I decided to use it. It’s not that hard but it does use pedals. Hence this is why I sneaked in some practice the morning we are planning to drive to Grayling.

For my postlude next Sunday I am reviving one of my favorite John Stanley voluntaries. I have been playing this ever since I sat down at an organ in Oscoda Michigan years ago. It’s nice to revive old pieces on the new organ since they sound so beautiful.

Eileen and I bought extra internet access time. We did this by changing our plan. The phone people told us to do it this way. We should be able to change it back the following month.  That way we and the rest of the clan will have some sort of internet access while we are at the cabin. How good that will be remains to be seen of course since it sometimes is spotty.



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  1. Talk with Leigh about glasses when we get up to Grayling. I think she has about three different ones. One for reading, one for playing piano and one for everything else. I could be wrong about that. Of course, she also has cataracts which makes everything less than optimal. I’m hoping she will take care of that before we lose our health insurance…

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