renovation day 1




Change is usually not a cat’s strong suit and our resident cat, Edison, is no exception. Today is the first day of renovation. Edison’s food dishes and litter have been removed from the downstairs bathroom along with everything else.  I’m not going to post much about this on Facebook because we are not applying for a permit at this point. So here will be the source for pics if you want to see.


I spent the morning yesterday clearing the bathroom and pantry completely of all stuff in preparation.




In the afternoon, I cleared the dining buy valium india room wall where the new door will go.


This entailed moving a bookcase. Earlier, Eileen helped me move the harpsichord out of the way.


These bookshelves on the left are two bookshelves deep.

Then there’s the problem of keeping Edison out from underfoot of the workers (as well as keeping him IN the house). This morning I got up and did this. to the door to the upstairs where we plan to confine him.


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