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I’m still feeling a bit tired but I am definitely feeling relaxed. It’s good not to have anything on the schedule other than a daily trip into town to practice organ.

A while back I loaded a free app onto my tablet which is a Greek dictionary. Recently I noticed that you can build your own vocab list from it (“favorites” of course). I completed transferring my home made flash cards to it this morning. There are a few words I was drilling with my flashcards that are not in it, but it is so nice to actually read a dictionary definition of words I am working instead of a glossary one or two word description.

It’s set up so that I can use it as a flash card drill, only seeing the word before seeing the definition.

Speaking of apps, before he left, Martin Pasi turned me on to a phone app which will tune in different unequal temperaments. In the process of talking to Martin, reading about unequal temperament and thinking about all of this I realized that it’s actually only a matter of discernible frequencies that make up each of the temperaments and that these can be accurately ascertained.

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I figured this out when Martin told me that he had his own combination of a couple of tunings and that he had put the numbers into the application. Of course. Approaching tuning from equal temperament with no instruction other than the introduction to the instructions to assemble my harpsichord kit years ago left me with a fuzzy understanding of tuning.

Martin uses the app with his harpsichord but after setting the unequal temperament on the organ he calibrates the app to the organ and then can use it, I guess.

There is more than the frequencies of course. But thinking about using an unequal temperament on my harpsichord if I ever get it fixed suddenly seems more doable than setting an equal temperament something that I never actually learned to do well.

So. This is cool. One of my choir members recorded the concert on her phone. I haven’t had the courage to listen to it yet, but help yourself. Let me know if you can’t get it to work and I’ll email it to you.


Click here to play or download Sunday’s concert


00:01.                  Jen’s intro
02:15.                   Steve’s intro
03:58 – 6:35.       Ellington
8:40 – 12:26.       Trio
13:56 – 16:51.      Hymn
20:15 – 23:00.     Organ
26:17 – 28:50.    God is gone up with a shout
30:57 – 36:00.    Steve’s trio
37:42 – 39:21.     O Sing Joyfully
40:57 – 45:29.    Cello
47:37 – 50:24.     If Ye Love Me
P52:04 – 54:33.   Hymn


2 thoughts on “relaxing at mark’s

  1. Thanks for sharing the recording. Even as a bootleg, pretty listenable. It sounded like a fun program. Love you!

    1. I love you, too! My teacher, Ray Ferguson, used to say he preferred not to be recorded. He liked the idea that his music just kept floating away into the ether.

      For my part, I figured out that recording is itself an art and not one that interests me that much. If people want to record me, fine, as long as I don’t have to listen to it.

      It has crossed my mind to hire Jonathon Fegel to help me with recording sometime (at church). Mark says we should serious consider permanently installing a good recording set up.

      We just purchased a new sound system. I know it’s set up to eventually house video taping the service. But I don’t know much about the system other than it’s working very well right now and is very unobtrusive. Both Jen and I were speaking into microphones at the recital.

      It was fun doing that recital and also doing the commentary.

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