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I’m sitting on my brother’s back porch in Unadilla Michigan. He and his wife are letting Eileen and me visit. In my case, it is for some badly needed rest. However, I have already driven into Chelsea and practiced organ for an hour. A local church lets me do this.

I am exhausted. I had more will than energy to practice.

I am very excited! My brother is letting me read a rough draft of one of his short stories. He has been working on his writing since retiring. I have been looking forward to seeing some of his work. Cool beans!

Dangerous Discourse: When Progressives Sound like Demagogues | By Norman Solomon | Common Dreams

I “follow” this author on Facebooger. This looks like a good read. I am discouraged about the violence from the left in Portland yesterday. Anti-fascists stopping free speech look a lot like fascists, themselves, to me.

 Climate Science Meets a Stubborn Obstacle: Students – The New York Times

This is a weirdly written report. I find the stubborn student reprehensible, but she is only a high school student. I think some of the details in this story are a bit invasive on the part of the reporter. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to see such personal stuff the subject of a national newspaper article I wonder how the people described feel about this article.

Review: New York’s Early-Music Scene Is Having a Moment – The New York Times

This sounds cool. Trinity Church in New York City.

After a Decade Without Music, Pa. Prison Inmates Play Again | Pennsylvania News | US News

Interesting. It would seem to me that music making could be very helpful to prisoners. But I’m biased.

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