ready to coast today


Well my semester has ended at Hope college (as ballet class accompanist). The kids have another week of finals. The ballet department tries to get its finals out of the way before the rest of the college.

My 6 month check up went well. I have a tendency to suffer from “white coat syndrome.” This means that my blood pressure spikes at the doctor’s. So it’s a good thing that I take my blood pressure daily and keep a record of it. The doctor examines it each check up. It generally is pretty good (lower than 120/85). So all my numbers are good for my age. This is true of the blood work anyway. I am overweight. The doctor and I noticed a pattern (I noticed it and mentioned it). I tend to weigh a bit more at my winter buy diazepam europe check up than my summer one.

Since I am playing at an afternoon recital this Sunday, I am spending some time each day with the piece on the instrument I will playing it. I have to say Hope Church (RCA) is one of the few churches in town I feel welcome. The people there are unfailingly friendly.

By the time I got to rehearsal last night I was exhausted.

We had an important rehearsal. About this far from Christmas, I want to make sure people know the music and are producing their voices as well as possible. I was surprised at how well the rehearsal went and happy with my leadership (unusual).

This morning I have already been to the dentist. They found a loose filling. I have to return on Monday.

Now the rest of the day I can basically coast.

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