reading music on my tablet!



I have been having some success using my tablet as a music reader. It’s admittedly not too large a page but is clear and easy to read.



Any blurriness above is from my phone cam and is not in the original. Rhonda, if you read this, notice this is the piece you mentioned in yesterday’s comment. Woo hoo!



I found the app via my tablet. It was a free app. I see that one can also purchase it. I will probably do so after I get it working the way I want to.

i think it’s kind of a gas to use this application of tech, since so many musicians do not read music these days. Ironic, n’est pas?

I know it’s set up so that one can turn pages using a blue tooth pedal or other device. I’ll be looking into that. This is something I’ve always wanted to explore. Very cool.

Public Library Portraits of California’s Homeless | PROOF

I love these pictures.

Picture of a homeless patron at a California library.

“Libraries are the last bastion of democracy.”

Birds identify good nuts by listening to them | @GrrlScientist | Science | The Guardian

Amazing stuff.

Long Odds in the Game of Life –

Interesting discussion of college and what good is it by a part time prof and waitress.

More Than 70 Wounded in Bombing of Afghan Government Compound – NYT

Short piece. I link it because I read about incidents like this all over the world that are constantly happening. This stuff happens to real people. We now are so connected that we know about these incidents. It tears me up every time. Also i feel guilt at my own relief that I don’t have to face this kind of stuff in my own daily life. Typical liberal I guess.

2 thoughts on “reading music on my tablet!

  1. The bishop of New Hampshire preaches using his iPad. I would be too nervous that the tech would fail me in the middle of the sermon. But it’s a great use of the technology…

  2. I was inspired a year or so ago when I attended a recital in Saugatuck. The players were a husband/wife team. The husband at the piano was using a tablet instead of music. The violinist wife eschewed the tech. They discussed with the audience during the intermission. Although I was aware of this tech before I hadn’t seen it used. The pianist was quite enthusiastic about it and did not seem to experience difficulties in the performance. It will be awhile, however, before I trust the tech in performance. I already trust tech each time I perform on the organ since it too suffers failures from time to time. Heh.

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