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This morning I sat in the early morning darkness, listened to Lake Michigan, and read my computer. Life is rough.

Eileen and I are staying in a cottage a stone’s throw away from Lake Michigan. Yesterday we sat on the beach. Eileen worked a crossword puzzle while I read An Instance 0f the Fingerpost by Iain Pears.

I’m almost halfway through this book which is as long as the other one by him I read, Stone’s Fall. However, it’s not as good.

Interestingly there is some overlap between Pears’ novel, An Instance of Fingerpost, and the reading I have been doing in Hymnody. Thomas Ken (the 16th century cleric who wrote the words to the omnipresent “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow) is a murder suspect in Pears’ historical mystery. But it’s moving much slower than the Pears’ other book.

Today I drove into town to get my Internet fix. I’m sitting in a nice little book cafe in Montague Michigan near where we are staying.

I bought a coffee and A Feast of Crows by George Martin.

I wanted to spend a little money in this shop. My grandson (and other people I know) are enamored of George Martin’s Game of Throne series. They only had the latest one in hardback and this one which number four in the series.

I’m going to have to purchase them to read them because they are always checked out at the library, so I thought what the heck.

I’m trying to download a few more New York Times into my Times Reader. I find this interface notoriously clunky after initially really liking it earlier this summer. I was surprised that it let me read so much while we are the beach house since when we were in Grayling it consistently screwed up and didn’t have what I thought it had downloaded.

I was surprised that I missed the Internet. It was mostly a matter of wondering what was happening in the news. I must be a newsaholic.

But while I’m here I checked to see what the heck the word “fingerpost” means.

Apparently it’s one of those signs that point in various directions like this one.

How about that? I did not know that.

Well it’s time to jump back in Eileen’s Mini and go back and sit and read some more.

Tomorrow we leave the cottage and go to a family reunion, then back to Holland. The cottage visit has been very relaxing. I asked Eileen if she was missing her Internet and did she want to come in with me to get an Internet fix. She said she was fine.

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