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I’m writing between church and the concert this afternoon. I have to mention that Martin Pasi complimented me and Rev Jen on how we do church. He complimented my use of music and rhythmic improvisations and playing. Together with Jen he said our church was the kind of church he could actually attend. This is enormously gratifying to hear. I didn’t expect that since I know that my approach is so eccentric and he is such an artist.

The church was abuzz today. I played Rameau and it was basically lost in the noise. But no matter. I enjoyed performing it. The choir sounded great and the congregation sang with gusto. Jen came and gave her sermon from the back of church (where the organ is) telling us that way she wouldn’t have to keep asking people to turn back and look at her, wouldn’t have to say “yoo hoo!” because they were looking at the organ. She used the moment well and gave beautiful little homily in which the organ played a part but managed to still be about the gospel.

There was a lot of noise today. One of my choir directors after church said that maybe we could quieten the congregation once the organ was functional. I pointed out to him how cool it was that this congregation was so excited about a PIPE ORGAN. The energy is something both Jen and I value and want to harness not discourage. He looked  a little chastened, but seemed to understand.

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