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A “No thank you helping” of a blog post today.

Having a good time at my brother’s house. So good, I’m blogging late and not going to do much of a blog post.

Now it’s even later. I guess this is going to be pretty much a place marker blog so that if you come back you a little something new. It’s been my goal to update this blog daily since before the word, “blog,” was coined (at first I thought of it as my web site built to engender conversation and connection).

It’s 5:26 PM in Gregory Michigan. It’s been a beautiful bracing day. The drive into Chelsea to practice organ had me gaping at the magnificent sky and clouds.

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here!

Fruit of good labours | TLS

I hate to be all bible and shit, but this article is about a recent discovery of a first draft of the King James Translation in the hand of one of the translators.

Build a Website – Squarespace

My niece, Emily, has said that she is enjoying using Squarespace. I bookmarked it to check it out later.

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