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I’m uploading pics to the cloud via Google Photos.  It has been running since yesterday. I’m not sure it runs when the computer goes to sleep. But you can see above it’s making progress. This is timely because Eileen recently purchased a new smart phone and wanted to save and access all her pics from her old phone.  During this process (which involved an extra trip to the Verizon franchise store) we discussed the fact that our exterior hard drive is filling up and a lot of the files are pictures. Then I stumbled across the article which I linked yesterday and discovered that Google is providing unlimited free cloud storage of pictures.  So, that’s what I’m doing. This might inspire me to go back to backing up my computers via a back up system which I have let languish.


It looks like my blog activity has risen in the last few days. I don’t actually know what to make of this. I’m not sure exactly who Google analytics is counting. I don’t delve into the mountains of information they provide.

So today I should do a bunch of tasks. I need to answer some correspondence from local organists asking about the Pasi installation. I need to read carefully the press release prepared by a parishioner. I need to practice. I need to submit Sunday’s music for the bulletin. I want to include an article on Healey Willan for this Sunday since I am planning two organ pieces and an anthem by him. I have some other things on my mind as well. Usually on Mondays and Tuesdays I try to rest and relax and not think about church very much. This is harder to do these days with so much going on.

Japanese Transgender Politician Is Showing ‘I Exist Here’ – The New York Times

I think this is cool.

 I found it interesting to see how we look to an outsider. Helpful. This is an echo chamber liberal web site, but what the heck.

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