One excellent Thursday

Thursdays are shaping up as a weekly pleasure for me that usually includes meeting with my boss (a pleasure), rehearsing with piano trio (another pleasure) and teaching my piano student (also a pleasure). Not the same as a day off but definitely a good day.

Yesterday I had an excellent Thursday. I met with my boss and piano trio (no piano lesson). My daughter, Sarah, is currently visiting from England. My nephew, Ben, and niece, Emily, and her husband, Jeremy came over from the eastern side of the state to see Sarah.

It was great being with these wonderful people all at once. They had some time to visit with each other. Then in the evening we all met Eileent for a wonderful meal at Citi Vu Bistro which is situated on the top of a little hotel in Holland.

While we were drinking and eating the weather changed dramatically.  A huge blue storm cloud moved over us from the inland toward Lake Michigan. It was quite dramatic. It moved quickly. Then it left millions of droplets on the windows facing the reemerging sun.

This was incredible. Then a rainbow appeared in the west as well.

We managed to get tickets for everyone to go see a performance the River North Dance Chicago.

They were incredible.

What a day!

Today the River North Dance Company gave a master class to all ballet classes so I didn’t have to work! Yay!

Life is good!


CAMPAIGN: River North Chicago Dance Company by Erika Dufour and Illustration by Alex Gross – Image Amplified. The Flash and Glam of All Things Pop Culture: Photography, Music, Fashion, Film and Art.

I found some amazing pics at this link.


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Wind power versus retaining forests.


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