Mendelssohn Sunday

This Sunday we are performing two very moving pieces by Mendelssohn.

These players do a nice job of the movement from the Mendelssohn piano trio we are planning for the prelude, Sunday.

For the offertory we are singing an English simplified version of “Verlei uns Frieden” which seems to be a posthumous publication of Mendelssohn’s.

Interestingly, the entire score and orchestra parts are available online. When deciding how to perform this piece with only violin, cello and piano Sunday, I emailed off the online parts to my instrumentalists.

Unfortunately, the score begins with a lovely cello duet. This duet persists throughout. The original violin part is very minimal. So I took a bit of time yesterday and transcribed the first cello part for the violin. I am hoping that a cello/violin duet with suffice in this context.


Reverie and Invocation by William Carlos Williams

Yesterday’s poem of the day from “The Writer’s Almanac.” Several nice lines in it:

Now we grow old and grey
and all we knew is forgotten
there comes alive in
the ash of today, memory! a god
who revives us!

Come back and give us
those days when passion drove us
to break every rule.


This War Can Still Be Won –

A glimmer of hope in from a knowledgeable American voice on the ground in Afghanistan.


I have one of these little spots on my eye. My daughter, Sarah, was kind enough to teach me the name of them:

Xanthoma (Xanthelasma)

It’s a symptom of all kinds of fun things. Great.

Students’ Knowledge of Civil Rights History Has Deteriorated, Study Finds –

My experience of young adults is that very few of them know much history at all.


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  1. My grandma Marr had xanthoma on both eyes. Her cause was high cholesterol. She has had them for as long back as I can remember. When I was younger I used to call them her “noodles”.

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