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This morning I head a woodpecker pecking away  when I put the garbage out. Yesterday, I heard him as well. Also, Eileen and I saw a robin walking back and forth to church. I do like having the birds back.

I was very tired after church yesterday. I was thinking of going to hear a concert by my colleague, Rhonda. I thought it started at 2 PM. But when I got dressed to go, Eileen pointed out that it actually started at 4 PM. Since I was dressed, I drove to say hi to my Mom and then to church to practice organ. The Alice Parker pieces I am learning need as much attention as I can give them. I played well yesterday but I could tell I didn’t know the pieces as thoroughly as I would prefer.

When I looked up from practicing it was about ten minutes until Rhonda’s recital. I thought of rushing and trying to get there but it took me too long to get in the car. I feel a little bad not supporting a local colleague, especially since many of the other local organists don’t show for these fine recitals. (Sorry, Rhonda!)

This song sums it up:

I have already emailed off the info for this Sunday’s bulletin. Again I requested a pdf to edit. I missed some stuff in the last proofing that I hope to get changed this week. I wish I could get the office to work further ahead than a week on these things. When I was in charge of bulletins (worship resources I think they called it) at Our Lady of the Lake, I had a process of about four weeks with four bulletin in four stages of preparation.

By that process, I would finalize a bulletin at least a week before needed so that it would be ready to publish.

Oh well. It seems as though locally planning ahead is an old fashioned attribute. And god knows I am a person from the past not the future.


As I was going to see my Mom a guy shouted out as I approached he and an elderly woman to join them in the elevator that he liked my hat (I was wearing my jester hat because it was fucking cold yesterday). When I joined him in the elevator he then complimented my beard. “How long have you had it?” he asked. I paused and said probably about forty years. I told him I shaved it off once in that time and my wife asked me not to do that again.

Old fashioned jupe with his extremely old  beard I guess.


There are pluses to being invisible due to age.

President Obama’s Interview With Jeffrey Goldberg on Syria and Foreign Policy – The Atlantic

I linked this before but only finished it this morning. This article shows a very adroit and intentional President Obama. Long.

Angela Merkel’s Unpopular Goodness – The New York Times

Merkel seems to have sacrificed her reelection possibilities by doing the right thing.

A C.I.A. Grunt’s Tale of the Fog of Secret War – The New York Times

I love intelligent people talking about the C.I.A. or the military. I might have to read this guy’s book.

This is a page with a video on it I plan to watch. I am a fan of Michelle Alexander. Also Goldberg’s portrait of President Obama has some interested behind the scenes stuff about Clinton that show why she might not be that great for all America.

4 thoughts on “old fashioned jupe

  1. I hoped you weren’t boycotting because of my boring program!
    It was a really good crowd (if a bit thin on organists…), and we were really pleased. We played mvts 1 and 4 of the Eben Okna, which was by far the toughest thing, both for the performers and listeners, and we were really happy with that. We thought it went well, and people said they really liked it.
    Now it’s just that post-concert let down.
    Spring break, yipee…

  2. Oh, I just meant, when I noticed you weren’t there on Sunday, then I thought “Maybe Steve looked at my program, and thought, what a boring bunch of pieces, think I’ll skip that one.”. Which is obviously not boycotting either. I was just being silly about that.
    But I guess it would have been clearer to say, “I’d hoped you weren’t…”
    And maybe I figure that you sometimes don’t attend things because of your philosophical biases, so I shouldn’t rule that out.
    Anyway, the point was, I was relieved to read you’d wanted to come and then just missed it because of loosing track of time. I always appreciate it when you come to hear me play, and value what you think!

    1. No biggie really. I just wondered where the idea came from and it sounds like you had it before reading my post instead of reacting to it. makes sense.

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