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It was good to get some time away and it’s good to be back home as well. I had music waiting from me that had arrived in the mail while I was gone.

I can remember wanting to see this music when Glass released recordings of them. I do think his picture on the cover is a bit goofy. And I’m not totally sure what I think of this music yet. I played through the first etude this morning. This book contains 20 etudes in 2 “books.” It will fun to get to know this music.

Also there was an envelope with  multiple copies of the above spiritual. Apparently my mail man is not concerned about leaving music where it can wet. Both packages were drenched. My neighbor laid out the piano book to dry and I did the same with anthems. No harm done I guess. It’s probable that I usually retrieve packages before they get wet. But I wonder that someone would leave packages outside in inclement weather.

The Hogan arrangement is pretty straight forward. This spiritual is in our hymnals but I wanted a bit fancier version for my choir to learn. I couldn’t find a copy online to examine. But I did listen to this video and decided it would be a good version for us.

On vacation, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had already chosen organ music for next Sunday. We are singing a choral anthem by the great composer, Alice Parker. I happen to have a slim little volume for organ called “Double Dances.” I am playing two of these next Sunday and they are charming. And not particularly easy for me.

For the prelude I am playing the first movement called “Passacaglia.” It’s marked “With humor.” I quite like it. I am omitting the short second movement, “Sarabande with Arabesques.” For the postlude I am playing the last movement, “Jig.” It will take a bit of rehearsal this week, but this is very satisfying music to me and worth the work.


 Review: For Roomful of Teeth, It’s All About the Polyphony – The New York Times

Despite the review, I think this sounds interesting. I love this group.

 From this distance, this seems  a very bizarre cult of personality.

No April Fooling Please, We’re Chinese – The New York Times

Forbidden by the Chinese. Or are they joking?

A Palestinian Teacher’s Methods Earn the Attention of More Than Her Class – The New York Times

I like what this teacher is doing but I’m troubled by the involvement of her husband in attacks on Israelis.


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