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My brother came up with the brilliant notion that if my church could give me some extended time off I might be able to delay my retirement. Jen and I have been discussing this idea. Yesterday she mentioned an organist we both know who will be vacationing for the summer locally and had actually inquired if I would like to take some time off. He was offering to sub some for me.

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Jen is contacting him to find out how many Sundays this summer he could cover.

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This is especially apt this week because I am feeling overwhelmed and a tad burned out.

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I have difficulty taking time off. Neither Jen nor I knew exactly how many Sundays I am allowed off a year now. She is very interested in keeping me working as long I am able and wish to. I guess I wish to as long as I am able. Anyway that’s the working premise.

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As usual for the late choral season we had a small group of singers at rehearsal last night. However, the morale seemed pretty good and they entered in to the rehearsal with their usual good humor and enthusiasm (Hi Scott and Barb!)

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I phoned Nick Palmer to tell him I wasn’t planning on doing the Messiah a third time next year with him and his group.

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I have a doctor’s appointment this morning for a check up. I love it that I can review my lab results online as soon as they are done. My numbers look pretty good. They provide norms along with your numbers. My cholesterol is a bit higher. I’m expecting my doctor to comment on that. I’m hoping that my health doesn’t indicate increasing meds.

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My BP and weight are falling. But BP was up a bit this morning. I love having higher blood pressure from worrying about higher blood pressure.

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NYTimes: So the South’s White Terror Will Never Be Forgotten

Today is the first day that America has significant materializations of the twin travesties of slavery and lynching. Two new museums.

NYTimes: ‘Fightin’ to Keep Slavery’

White Americans continue to keep African Americans repressed. Ugh.

Bookmarked to read.


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