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My check up went well. My doctor was happy with my numbers while encouraging me to continue to attempt to lose weight. She also, unfortunately, agreed with Eileen that my drinking habits are not healthy. This despite the fact that my liver numbers inĀ  my blood test are not enough to warrant concern. So I will continue to monitor my calories, skip my evening martinis on some evenings and exercise.

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I stopped at church after my doctor’s appointment to practice organ. After I came home I seemed to have gone into a physical and emotional stall. This is logical, I guess. I keep seeking ways to allow myself some time to repair my tired mind and body and recapture a sense of energy and flow.

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I haven’t exactly lost those things, but I know that I am due for some refreshment.

And this morning I do feel more refreshed.

My doctor had just returned from a visit to Mexico City. We chatted about this city. She affirmed my notion that it has many bookstores. I have read that it has more bookstores than any other city. My kind of city.

We also discussed the current toxic environment in the USA.

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She has both a USA passport and a Mexican one. She said she received no hassle at the borders, that she presents the Mexican one when entering Mexico and the American one when coming back. In both cases, they say “welcome home.”

However, she does have family that will not come to the USA right now. For family visits they meet in Canada.

It was funny how we both assumed the other perceived our times and our president as a bad thing.

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As we said good bye I told her we had been solving the problems of the world.

NYTimes: The Supreme Court and the New Civil War

In her latest article linked above, Linda Greenhouse describes the state of the United States as one of civil war. Definitely we have warring factions or groups of people who cannot understand each other. I watch misinformation flow by on Facebook from both family and friends on the left and on the right.

The concept of discerning fact from fiction has been lost as it becomes more and more difficult to extract oneself from one’s echo chamber.

Confirmation bias is rampant and being exploited by people on the left and the right. Admittedly the people on the right are a lot a better at it and have been doing well at doggedly pushing an agenda onto the rest of us who disagree with it.

Frustratingly they don’t seem to be in the majority. But they are winning.


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