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I skipped blogging yesterday. I ended up having a full day. I transcribed “Wings of Song,” a “song without words” by Mendelssohn, which had been arranged for organ. I gave the  melody to the violin and the cellos. I think it will be a nice goofy postlude for organ and strings on the upcoming “Mendelssohn Sunday.” On that Sunday, the trio will play a new movement from a Mendelssohn piano trio we are learning, the choir will sing a Mendelssohn anthem (with strings playing along), and we will end with”Wings of Song.”

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Kelly Bakker came and tuned my piano yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to play it since. Instead I put in an hour on the organ before my piano lesson with Rudy and then another hour after the trio rehearsal. After that I came home and walked over to Evergreen and treadmilled. Then Eileen and I went out to supper at the Curragh, the local fake Irish pub.

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I am still skipping evening alcohol. This morning I was down nine pounds or so. I told Eileen when I hit ten pounds I will probably buy a bottle of gin. The food at the Currah was so-so. The ice tea was delicious. But the sliced up red peppers smacked of mold in their taste.

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Eileen went grocery shopping in the morning while I was doing stuff.  She bought some salmon and perch so we could have a meal or two together. She is envious, I think, of my weight loss.

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Today I meet with Dr. Birky, my therapist. I have been more quiet than usual this week for some reason.  But I can always blather away.

I’m still trying to come up with an additional 16 measures or so for “Mental Floss.” I think the B melody needs it since it’s only about 16 measures itself and seems a bit shorter than the A section which repeats.

I have a new prospective organ student with whom I am meeting a week from today. She is the wife of a retired Hope professor who attends Grace.

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Vietnam on the Reel-to-Reel – The New York Times

I read every essay by Jennifer Finny Boylan  I find. I think she is a good writer.


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