not as sick today

I dragged myself around yesterday, making sure my Mom got to where she wanted to go, despite my aches and pains from what seems to have been a body cold. I was unfortunately too achey to practice organ. After blogging (see yesterday’s post), I alternated between groggily reading in bed and coming downstairs and playing a few bars on the piano of Mendelssohn.

I seem to have read the New Yorker which arrived in the mail from cover to cover. I got up this morning and bookmarked as many of the articles as the editors saw fit to put online.

Campbell McGrath had nice poem which talked about the incessant nature of watching television [Link to entire poem]

That it never ends, O Lord, that it never ends!

That it is relentless, remorseless, and it is on right now.

That one sees it and sees it but sometimes it sees you, too,

cowering in a corner, transfixed by the crawler for the storm alert,

home videos of faces left dazed by the twister, the car bomb,

the war always beginning or already begun, always

the special report, the inside scoop, the hidden camera

revealing the mechanical lives of the sad, inarticulate people

we have come to know as “celebrities.”

from “Shopping for Pomegranates at Wal-Marts on New Years Day”

“Number Nine: Sonia Sotomayor’s high-profile début.”  by Lauren Collins was an excellent article about the new supreme court justice. [link to article]

There was an equally good article on Andy Warhol that doesn’t seem to be online (my New Yorker is laying upstairs in the dark by my bed…. I don’t want to go check on the title of this article because I will disturb the sleep of  my lovely wife.).

Finally a quite good short story by Jennifer Egan called “Safari” [link]

This morning I am feeling better, I think.

My old body aches in the morning anyway, but I think this morning’s aches are not a body cold. Made coffee with my new used coffee maker and it seems to be a better than the old cheapo coffee maker made.

I have a composer meeting today which I am going to skip. I missed a day of organ rehearsal just when I have scheduled some works that need attention. I am planning to play Virgil Thomson’s “Shall we gather at the river” from his “Variations on Four Sunday School Hymns.” This has three variations that I find a bit challenging. Also “Allegro Maestoso” from Felix Mendelssohn’s fifth organ sonata. I will need all my energy today (and tomorrow) to prepare these pieces for public performance.


Maybe I’ll make bread as well.

I will miss chewing the fat with the Composers in Grand Rapids.

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