great. I'm sick.

When my brother who is an equally avid coffee drinker as myself was visiting he remarked that I might do better with a coffee maker that heats the water a bit hotter than my little Miejers Cuisinart thingo.

So yesterday when I was at Dittos with my Mom I spied the one above for 9 dollarinnis. Bought it. It is in good shape and seems to work.  Will see if it makes good coffee or not.

I just got back from taking my Mom to Walgreens, the Dollar Store and the 8th Street grill. I went to bed kind of achey last night. Got up this morning still not feeling great. Exercised in case that was the problem. Temporarily felt better but now am read to crash after a bit of blogging.

Mary Daly died on Jan 3rd. She was  bit of a hero of mine. I love her wickedary:

Her obit in the NYT [link] described her as a “leader in feminist theology.” I wonder what she would think of that. I like her word play. And the fact that she abandoned the Roman Catholic church with such aplomb. We need more people like her. At least I do.

Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

One last little thing before I go lay down. Dropbox seems like a pretty cool software. I wonder about how quickly it would work. But the idea is that it is an online storage system (free as far as I can tell) which you can access from any computer or smart phone. I like the idea quite a bit. But haven’t downloaded the program yet.  Click on the pic above to get to the web site. Watch the video. I did even though videos that explain make me a little crazy.

okay enough. off to rest.

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