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So Earl Grey has it’s distinctive flavor due to the oil from the fruit above, the Bergamot. Who knew? Yesterday I purchased some Twinings Earl Grey and came home and made a cup. I have been drinking Earl Greyer at LemonJellos this week. When I tried to purchase some to take home and make they were out. Matt told me that they can’t carry every flavor but that he would get a box for me.

Yesterday at Good to Go, I had a cuppa which had added flower flavor. Odd.

I have been reaching out to “friend” some more people on Facebook.

A musician I knew in my brief stint at Ohio Weslyan, a priest friend who found religion playing french horn touring with Jesus Christ Superstar and now lives in Montreal, a drummer I played with locally, and the organ teacher at GVSU.  They all confirmed except the organ teacher person.

I wish I had schmoozed this guy a  bit more while I taught at GVSU.

He recently gave a harpsichord demo to the AGO chapter here in Holland. I couldn’t bring myself to face the group so I missed it. It would seem he and I would have something in common, since he plays organ and harpsichord and serves a large Episcopalian parish in Grand Rapids. But maybe not.

Someone local mentioned that they thought from reading my blog that I was actually conservative. I think that actually I am pretty conservative. I definitely condone “conserving” the values of the past and knowledge of historical ideas and art. Also I’m big into the conservative notion of treating others the way you want to be treated. But maybe that’s radical these days not conservative. I think I am viewed by many here in very provincial old Holland as a radical.  Old hippies have got to be into free love and dope, you know.

It’s futile to speculate. I like me. Eileen likes me. I’m lucky I know.

I’m about half way through “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson.

I am enjoying it. It is definitely oriented toward living in the cloud (as internetters say). Plus I like the idea of “pattern recognition” in general. It’s something that I find myself thinking about, patterns. Also the notion of “recognition” meaning realizing that what you are seeing or thinking about is something that connects with something else you already seem to feel or know.

How’s that for eloquent? Heh.

I have written a fugal theme which is not too bad. Also began an exposition (that’s the first section of it). I’m trying to write a fugue that follows the book learnin’ rules and is not deadly boring. The composer Randall Thompson published several fugues for organ that he proudly says were written as examples in his counterpoint class he was teaching. So far I haven’t found one that doesn’t sound like it…. i.e. kind of boring.

I got email that my violinist can’t make it today. This means I’ll be carrying her part myself on the organ. It’s an independent melody that is quite lovely but is a bit challenging to play along with the bass and tenor line. But I’m sure despite skipping practice yesterday it will be fine.

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  1. What is interesting is that I have enjoyed your musings of life and of your love for music and it brings smiles and laughter. I believe that you connect to people in ways that you may not have anticipated. You should publish a book and call it “The things I did not Know”, a commentary on my life. Well, I can’t be pithy, but I can be straight forward. Your love of life comes out in your writing. Your observations are humorous,self deprecating and common to all of us. This is a talent that not all have.

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