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So I missed my guests arrival last night. By the time they got here I was already asleep. This morning I can tell they are sleeping soundly in the master bedroom. I heard Alex cry out, but she apparently went back to sleep.

I have to leave for my doctor’s appointment in about an hour. I’m not sure how much blogging I will get done with Elizabeth, Jeremy and Alex visiting. If they sleep in this late each day, I will have time. Otherwise, the blogs might be short while they are here. I do love to talk to my daughters and their significant others!

Yesterday was Virginia Woolfe’s birthday. I found out via Writer’s Almanac which I listen to pretty regularly. I have read three books by her: Orlando, To the Lighthouse, and A Room of One’s Own. Yesterday I gathered all her books and took a look at them. I do like her writing quite a bit. I read Orlando as a young man and loved it. I think that along with Yuikio Mishima, Samuel Beckett and Salmon Rushdie, she is going on my list of authors to read in the near future.

At the latest “Strategic Doing” meeting, there were several people who expressed the opinion that we should not always sing the psalm at Eucharist. They apparently found it difficult and missed the meaning of the psalms by concentrating on trying to sing the Anglican Chant.

“Strategic Doing” is the name our consultant or somebody came up with for these meetings. Like so many of these kind of meetings, they brainstorm thoughts, then everybody gets 12 stars and they all walk around and put stars up on things of concern or interest. Not always singing the Psalms got 7 stars. My boss said that 7 stars do not a change make, but we mutually decided to respond with some education.

This means jupe has to write a bulletin article. I started on it yesterday. I’ll probably post it here as well. Basically I’m going to remind people that psalms are songs are most themselves when sung, that Anglican chant is a practice specific to our heritage, and when words are sung, their meaning is widened and emotionally opened up.

My boss said that she had the opposite response to these twelve stars. She said that singing helped her understand the words better.

AND he quotes Dylan Thomas! What a guy!

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