dear diary


Dear Diary,

It’s embarrassing how relieved I was after my doctor’s appointment yesterday. For the first time in years, my blood pressure was low at the visit. Usually it spikes so high, that they wait and retake it and then it’s lower. The doctor jokes about white coat syndrome…. that is, that I’m so nervous at seeing her that my blood pressure goes up.

But I think it might be the Mom syndrome I mentioned here: fear of failure. Yesterday I went to the appointment knowing I had gained weight and was resolved that no matter what that would be obvious. Also, just before hand I greeted my daughter Elizabeth, her husband Jeremy and my grand child Alex. It so nice to see them and have them here that this may have lowered my blood pressure as well.

After a grocery trip with Elizabeth, Jeremy and Alex (Eileen was having her hair done), I sat in my living room and realized I was exhausted and relieved. Weird.

I regained some energy for my rehearsal with the one high school student whose mother had engaged me before Holland High School hired me to do numerous other accompaniments.

My doctor did intend for me to have blood work done. But decided that since I had not fasted, it could wait six months. I asked her to order it the week before my next appointment so that she could have it hand for our next meeting. It mystifies me why this isn’t the usual procedure. Possibly it’s difficult to get patients to make two appointments instead of one?

It’s been fun having Alex around. On her first visit here, she was terrified of me and would invariably become unhappy if I was visible. This time she is full of curiosity and is obviously processing everything around her. I’m just part of the deal. I like that.


She is also mobile and walks around constantly checking stuff out.

I need to pace myself today to get through another long day to this evening’s rehearsal. Getting old.

Ammon Bundy and 7 Others Held in Oregon; LaVoy Finicum Is Reported Dead – NYT

I woke up and read about this this morning. The logic in using the constitution to defy the government escapes me.

Pentagon Wants Psychologists to End Ban on Interrogation Role – The New York Times

The argument that ethical guidelines limit national security is unconvincing to me.

For Gadget Geek in the Oval Office, High Tech Has Its Limits – The New York Times

The wide open nature of tech doesn’t work when thinking about national security I guess.

Aboriginal Brass Band Offers Burst of Hope in a Bleak Community – The New York Times

I love this story.

 I have been following this. The tragedy is that if the officials had not panicked the tech existed to repair the mask without any damage.

China Deepens Its Footprint in Iran After Lifting of Sanctions – The New York Times

This article ends with the interesting observation that the US might have looked the other way at one point so that China could help Iran.


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