no thank you Sunday afternoon post


It seems to have been an active week for me. A funeral and a wedding. The wedding was scheduled to be outside yesterday but about a half hour beforehand they decided it was too rainy so we did it in the church.

I have had a couple of funny moments with  music yesterday and today. The first page of my Pachelbel canon was missing for the wedding. I ended up going online and printing up something so I would have it.

Today I reached for the music for the Proulx Gloria we do all the time just before service. It was missing the first page. I played from one of the little congregational versions that are pasted (legally I believe) inside the hymnal. Sheesh.

Yesterday at the wedding a woman came up to me who I recognized from the string section in the Holland Symphony Orchestra. She told me the bride was a former student of hers. That accounts for the fact that she requested Mozart’s Sonata in A major the first movement (which is lovely by the way and was fun to perform).

Afterwards, she made a point to compliment me on my playing. That was nice of her. It’s fun when I manage to get a comment from another musician.

Well, it’s Sunday afternoon and I am tired. I think that my energy pie is a bit larger than it was before vacation. I attribute this to daily exercise.

Now to go read until Martini time.


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