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It has been a busy day today. I had a funeral at 11 AM. Lunch with Eileen then we went to pick up our Subaru. The OK Tire people are having difficulty pinpointing what’s causing it to spontaneously start honking and flashing its emergency lights. This is the third or fourth time we have taken it in. This time the mechanic talked to us. He thinks he may have fixed it by cleaning the fob (the clicker thingo). if not he is down to suspecting that someone nearby is tripping it by havimg a fob with the same frequency. Sheesh.

Then Edison had his monthly shot at the vet. After that we went and had a passport type picture taken of me for my visa app and sent that off.

The bookshelves that Eileen ordered for me for my birthday arrived today. Wow were those boxes heavy. I am looking forward to getting more room for books.

Speaking of birthday’s, my friend, Rhonda, dropped off a birthday present for me yesterday.

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It’s very nice that she remembered my birthday (hi Rhonda). At first I thought this book looked very slick and almost religious. But after reading in it a bit, I was hooked. It’s way cool. Thank you Rhonda.

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I also used my new Greek resource book for the first time today when doing my daily Greek.

It’s funny. Most of my resource books are from the 19th century. Jones’ book was published in 1991 and has a ton of interesting stuff in it.

Eileen and I are going out tonight. First a meal, then the first Great Performance Series concert.


Sheesh. My life is good.

4 thoughts on “busy day off

  1. Many years ago we would take our cars to OK Tire and we were dissatisfied with their service. Check out near by Maplewood Auto Repair shop for your car problems. Great people and service!

    1. Jonny, Thanks for the recommendation! I am planning on calling them tomorrow. And thank you for reading the silly blog.

  2. You’re welcome! We’re going tomorrow night to GPS with the kids, did you enjoy it?
    And I second the Maplewood Auto recommendation. They are have pretty amazing customer service, and always get the job done.

    1. I did enjoy the GPS performance. I am planning on running down some of the performers. The Ahn Trio is not on Spotify but they do have some stuff on YouTube. They are very slick on line, but I thought they superb in person.

      Thanks for seconding Jonny’s recommendation. I’m on it tomorrow.

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