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I like what Signer puts on his web site: his “deep concern about America’s leadership predicament and the fact that Congress seems to be broken.” He wants to strengthen democracy. I’m for that.

If you read yesterday’s blog you may recall that Signer was interviewed on “On the Media” and that I liked what he had to say. Yesterday I went to the library and checked out his book on Madison.

After reading in it a bit, I was overjoyed to find that he was using Madison to discuss leadership.

In the introduction he says that Madison employs what he, Signer, will call his “method.” It’s an interlocking set of nine tactics.

His first use of this is in a direct challenge to Patrick Henry’s attempt to make a law about churches and religion in Virginia in 1784. Signer will show how this notion was anathema to Madison. Here’s the nine tactics which are worth thinking about.

1. Find passion in your conscience

2. Focus on the idea, not the man

3. Develop multiple and independent lines of attack

4.Embrace patience

5. Establish a competitive advantage through preparation

6. Conquer bad ideas by dividing them

7. Master your opponent as you master yourself

8. Push the state to the highest version of itself

9. Govern the passions

Now it’s in the afternoon on Sunday. I had to stop blogging and get ready for church which went well.

Sarah is skyping with us but I begged off so I could finish this.

I only have one more thing I wanted to blog about. I mentioned the NYT article about the podcast, “meet the composer.”

This morning I Iistened about half of the one described in the article about Nico Muhly. It’s quite good. I recommend it. I like Muhly quite a bit. I didn’t know he had written organ music but apparently he has. I will be ordering some of it before the New Year.

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