New jacks arrived last night, so I should be getting back to working on the harpsichord soon maybe even today. Eileen is having breakfast with the rest of the alto section this morning. She’s still getting ready.

I don’t have much to say today. As usual on Saturday morning I listened to the new “On the Media” show. I particularly liked the segment where they interview Michael Signer about demagoguery.


Signer only recently decided that Trump is an actual demagogue.  Signer uses James Fenimoore Cooper’s criteria.

A demagogue must pose as a mirror for the masses

must trigger great waves of emotion

must use that emotion for political gain

must seek to break the established rules for governance

It’s that last one (seeking to break established rules of governance) that eliminates so many. But of course Trump now qualifies with his unconstitutional idea about keeping people from a certain religion out of the country.

Signer also says that lampooning the demagogue doesn’t do any good. The best antidote to a demagogue is to take them seriously and confront their lies and terrible ideas  head on, Signer says.

This will probably color my future stuff on social media. It already has to some extent. Yesterday another family member (a distant Jenkins this time!) gave evidence of ignorance and lack of understanding around the Trump phenomenon. Yikes. When this happens, if I decide to respond,  I try to come back succinctly and as calmly as possible. Also not use Facebooger for a venue for serious discussion since I have pretty much failed every time I have tried to do this.

I have had at least one hit (like/comment) on all the videos I have put on Facebooger since deciding to do so more regularly. That’s enough for me.

Vatican Says Catholics Should Not Try to Convert Jews – The New York Times

This is a big deal. I’m not that much in to church these days. At least not the way I used to be. But this is a significant (and healthy) turn around.

The Best Classical Music Recordings of 2015 – The New York Times

I am missing my record player. I have a turn table but no functioning amplifier. And of course no significant funds for this. I am encouraged to see that record players are making a come back. I noticed at Barnes and Noble yesterday that the chain was carrying a turn table with speakers attached for $169. Good price but out of my current reach. We stopped at Salvation Army yesterday looking for old amps or record players. Nothing yet. I’m sure something will cross my path eventually.


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