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The doctor did phone in a prescription for me yesterday afternoon. By 4:00 PM I was carting home a new bottle of prednisone. Dr. Fuentes doubled the dose she had me take previously. I went ahead and had a martini last night. I was itching still of course. But this morning I woke up around 2 AM.  I wasn’t able to get back to sleep, but I got up at 4 AM and took another dose of the steroid. As I write this, I am feeling much, much better. I hope this stuff works. BP up this morning. No drinky poo tonight.

Eileen brought pots and pans home from her Mom. Dorothy, her Mom, is now living with Eileen’s sister, Nancy and her husband, Walt. This means that they have to empty the old trailer where Dorothy and Clyde lived in retirement. There’s lots of stuff to get rid of or pass on. Eileen and I have been talking about getting new pots and pans for the kitchen to replace the terrible teflon ones we have had for years, so Eileen asked for some from her Mom’s kitchen if no one else wanted them.


Eileen remembers all of the pots from her childhood. This is a great old pot. Eileen’s Mom called it a dutch oven, but Eileen thinks it’s probably too small to be considered one.


Eileen’s Mom received this beautiful copper bottom pot as a wedding gift.


Dorothy at some point added these two pots to make a set. Very cool.


Eileen’s Mom swears by this one. I am so happy to get these guys. I can’t wait to use them.


I pulled down the rack where I had the old pots and soaked the metal hooks over night (they were very very icky).


Eileen is cleaning parts of the rack right now.

It will very cool to have this rack cleaned and put up my new pots on it.


We also hit the Farmers Market this morning.


I am planning on a cheese sandwich for lunch.


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    1. My itchiness is improving. The higher does of steroids seems to affect it. Also my rosacea (the permanent redness in my face) has lightened up considerably, along with a patch on my ankle (the one I hurt this year). Weirdly, my ankle seems to have strengthened. It was weaker before as result of the injury. I love you, too!

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